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Point of Sale Back Office Features


  • Schedule when a product can be sold
  • 5 pricing methods
  • Normal pricing
  • Special pricing
  • Normal cost
  • Special cost
  • Tare weight
  • Unit of Measure
  • Wic
  • Foodstamp
  • Mix and Match
  • Case Quantity and size
  • Set gross margin to the target margin
  • Unlimited categorization of products and report on any category
  • Determine gross margin for any product category
  • Attach a picture to a product
  • Four tax rates or tax tables
  • Print Labels
  • Export file for interfacing to different label printing packages
  • Track who and when price changes were made
  • Product Movement for any product and any time frame shown in weeks, months, or years
  • Build unlimited product groups for reporting
  • Analyze product sales by reporting group, department, section, or vendor.


  • What cashiers are your biggest producers
  • What cashiers are the most accurate
  • What cashiers are the fastest
  • Track voids, refunds, and over/shorts by cashier
  • Tracks cashier productivity for any time frame
  • What was deposited
  • What is the break down of the deposit
  • Each tender is totaled and balanced
  • Does the deposit match the sales
  • Simplified bank deposit
  • Track what is in your safe
  • Update your General Ledger


  • Product Movement for any product and any time frame shown in weeks, months, or years
  • Analyze product sales
  • For any time frame
  • For any reporting group, department, section, or vendor
  • Find your best selling products and your worst selling products
  • Find your most profitable products
  • Analyze your Ads
  • What were your best selling products on Ad
  • What where your most profitable products on Ad
  • Compare product movement before, during, and after the Ad
  • Determine your Ad markdown
  • Analyze store sales for any time frame
  • Compare store sales to last year sales graphically by week, month, or year.
  • Analyze what times of the day are the busiest


  • Log errors and POS activity
  • Customize cash register
  • Configure tenders
  • Unlimited product schedules
  • Four tax tables or tax rates
  • Configure receipt banners
  • Map POS activity to General Ledger accounts
  • Interface file for interfacing into other accounting packages.
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