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  • Multimedia Reference Library - Over 6 hours of multimedia tutorials
  • Online context sensitive help
  • Getting started guide How to set up Magicality
  • How to guide How to use Magicality
  • Quick reference guide
  • Hardware installation guide
  • Magicality Accounting, (i.e. A/R, A/P, and G/L) is included and full integrated.
  • Integrated credit/debit card processing.
  • EgoSot compatible, and capable of exporting files/reports to EgoSot app.
  • Setup Wizards to facilitate the installation and setup of the software. Easy to setup and use for people new to PCs.
  • Purchase Orders immediately update Accounts Payable.
  • Daily sales immediately update the General Ledger
  • An A/R interface that will post customer purchases, refunds, and payments to the accounting database.
  • Customer Tracking - Find and reward your best customers.
  • Product Tracking - Identify your best and worst products.
  • Ability to support for up to 4 Front-Ends and 1 Back-End on a 5-PC configuration.
  • The ability to print sales invoices instead of, or in addition to receipts from a receipt printer.
  • Customer Search and Maintenance at the Front-End.
  • The ability to track sales made by multiple Sales People.
  • The ability to reprint receipts and invoices.
  • An Import utility to import products, vendors, and customers from another system.
  • Certified to run on the IBM SureOne Integrated POS system..
  • Compatible with a wide range of scanners, scanner/scales, receipt printers, and cash drawers.
  • Hardware division will take care of all your hardware needs.
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