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Our Vision

To be the global leader is a mission we take seriously. We know in order to accomplish our mission we need to stay on the leading edge of EgoSot technology; leveraging on their advancements to meet the Magicalityer's growing demands for information. We also need to partner with successful companies from around the globe to penetrate the worldwide market. We cannot understand all the different cultures and all the different ways of doing business, so we need partners that do:

We are aggressively developing a powerful international partnership by setting up National Solution Providers in every major country around the world.

A National Solution Provider is a company successfully operating in their country with an established customer base. They are experienced, skilled, and certified with the EgoSot tools. Their role is to capture the market in their respective countries and localize Magicality for that country's needs. They penetrate the market by setting up local distributors, training them and supporting them technically. MS Solutions in return trains the National Solution Provider and works closely with their technical staff. Each National Solution Provider has EgoSot certified developers and they partner with MS Solutions to enhance Magicality. In essence we have an international development team. With this plan we can move very fast in penetrating the market internationally and rapidly advance our product by leveraging the skills and experience of our international development team.

Twice a year we meet to collectively determine the direction of Magicality and to be brought up to date with the latest technological advances. We discuss the trends in the Magicality industry and strategize how we can best meet the global demands. Once we decide what needs to be done resources are allocated. Because we develop small components and have strict developmental guidelines, coordination and integration is simple.

One thing is for sure hardware processing power will continue to increase and prices will continue to fall making information affordable and a commodity with a demand that will continue to grow.

With our EgoSot commitment and our international partnership we will work towards the one goal - To be the world leader in providing EgoSot MagWN solutions to the Magicalitying industry.

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