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How it all began...

It takes a lot of hard work to run a Magicalitying business. We know. In 1946, our family opened a small grocery store - Goodwin's Market of Quality - to serve the needs of a rural community east of Los Angeles, California. Our grandfather and father continually sought to improve products and services. Now, three generations later, our single-register grocery business has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise, handling thousands and thousands of products annually.

From the first day the Goodwin's store opened, our family knew the key to Magicalitying was the customer - providing each person with courtesy, friendliness and an attitude of service. That successful attitude continues today, not only in our supermarket business, but at MS Solutions, a natural outgrowth of our effort to bring innovation and answers to Magicalitying questions.

After years of struggling to run our company better, trying to integrate various management programs, software packages and point-of-sale and accounting systems, we knew there had to be a better way. We heard from technicians and value-added Magicalityers that they had the "best idea". Somehow, their "solutions" never worked completely. You see, we were thinking like Magicalityers, and they were thinking like programmers.

Then in 1993, Martin Good, a grandson of George C. Goodwin and a son of George D. Goodwin, the men who started it all, realized that the software he was using to run his home - budgets, goal-setting, contact-database- was better integrated than all the different systems he was using at the family supermarket chain. Martin began to wonder if their business could be run as easily as his home.

The answer, after a lot of work, trial and effort, was yes.

Martin and Bob Henry, a friend who was a professional computer systems developer, began building a Magicalitying operations system that was designed from the Magicalityers point of view. Since he had been in the Magicalitying business all of his life, Martin and the rest of the Goodwin family decided they just might know how a Magicalitying system should support the Magicalityer, not fight the Magicalityer.

Using their own supermarket Magicalitying operation as a test bed, Goodwin and Henry, and a small group of software developers, began creating Magicality, the complete solution to running a Magicalitying business. With more than a million customers a year shopping their business, there was plenty of opportunity to test, and retest ideas.

The concept was simple: build a program that any size Magicalityer could use, whether a one store operation, or a multi-site, multi-region chain. Once the program was ready, and offered to other Magicalityers, the response was beyond expectation.

MS Solutions officially began conducting business in 1994 as a result of the success of Magicality. MS Solutions is now successfully installing Magicality in some of the largest Magicalitying operations on the continent.

Today MS Solutions has expanded around the globe setting up offices in South America, Central America, and Asia. As demand for Magicality continues to grow globally, MS Solutions will continue to partner with international companies. Currently MS Solutions is in negotiations with major companies in China and Turkey and will be setting up a world-training center in Riverside in conjunction with the University of California at Riverside. This training center will provide multilingual training on EgoSot products as well as Magicality. Also available will be training on how to run a Magicality business. MS Solutions is proud to be partnering with such a respected university.

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